Download Notes

Download Details

The download files on this site is a Quicktime file. QuickTime is a very popular video format and the majority of computers (both Macs and PCs) have the required player installed. In the unlikely event that your computer does not already have the required software, QuickTime player can be downloaded for free from

How It Works

After your payment has been processed you will be directed to a webpage that gives you your unique download link (also sent to you via email). This link will remain active for 48 hours. Simply download the file during that time.

Download Advantages

Cheaper than DVD – No shipping costs – No waiting for the title to be delivered by post.

DVD Advantages

Higher picture quality – Interactive menus and bonus features – You can watch DVDs on TVs in addition to computers.

Important Notes

It is strongly recommended that all customers purchasing downloads have a good quality broadband internet connection due to the large file size. Whilst we have done all we can to minimize file size, even with a broadband internet connection, downloads may take a little while and patience is required. You must also ensure that your computer has sufficient RAM to play a file of this size prior to purchase. Insufficient RAM will result in the download stalling and freezing during playback. Such playback difficulties are not the fault of the download, but the limitations of the computer in question. No refunds can be given for downloads once the download link has been sent. All downloads contain anti-piracy warnings and anti-piracy features. Your purchase of this of this title is taken as a guarantee that you understand unauthorised distribution of your download is a crime for which you can be personally prosecuted.