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An Introduction to Applied Karate

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This FREE e-book provides the fundamental information needed to begin practicing karate as the wide-ranging and pragmatic fighting system it was supposed to be. 'An Introduction to Applied Karate' covers a four-stage approach that progresses from the practice of solo kata to the live application of the techniques and concepts 'hidden' within them.
This e-book provides information on:
Practising kata in a meaningful way; The key mental and physical components of kata; Kata Applications (Bunkai); The fourteen rules that will allow you to unlock the techniques 'hidden' within kata; The underlying concepts and essence of kata; Kata-Based Sparring (sparring methods that will enable you develop real combative skill); And More!

The Application of the Pinan/Heian Katas

Pinan/Heian Katas Cover
A week after having subscribed, you'll automatically be sent an email with a link that will allow you to download a second FREE e-book called 'The Application of the Pinan / Heian Katas'. This e-book shows how these 'basic katas' do in fact represent a complete fighting system!
This e-book provides information on:
The background of the Pinan / Heian series; The Pinan / Heian Katas as a fighting system; The combative progression that is central to the series; Pragmatic applications from all five of the Pinan / Heian katas; The grappling techniques 'hidden' in the katas; Strikes, Joint-Locks, Counters, Takedowns, Throws, Combinations, Transitions; Pre-emptive Striking and its relationship to the Pinan / Heian Series etc.
These e-books are in PDF format and require 'Adobe Reader'. PDF files are widely used, and the vast majority of computers have the required software. However, should you not have 'Adobe Reader', it can be downloaded for free by clicking here.
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