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Hello Everyone!
I have an app! You need this app! :-)
We have created the “Iain Abernethy Applied Karate App” for your iOS & Android smartphones and tablets. What this means is that you can have masses of applied karate / kata bunkai information at your fingertips! I update the app each week with new material, and it is suitable for all karate practitioners; irrespective of style. The app gives access to many hours of video on the following topics:
Weekly Info from Iain
Regular Live Lessons!
Bunkai for a Huge Range of Kata
Core Kata Concepts
Impact and Pad Drills
Karate Throws, Locks and Ground Drills
'Almost Live' videos from my recent classes and seminars!
And More!
We have videos on the following kata: The Pinan / Heian Series, Naihanchi (Tekki), Passai (Bassai-Dai), Kushanku (Kanku-Dai), Chinto (Gankaku), Seipai, Seienchin, Wanshu (Enpi), Gojushiho, Kururunfa, Jion, Jitte, Chinte, and many more (listed under an A to Z section).
We are adding new and exclusive content (stuff you can’t see on the website and YouTube) all the time and you don’t want to miss out!
Applied Karate Cover
Applied Karate Cover
How to get the App:
1) Download the Iain Abernethy app to your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play by searching “Iain Abernethy”.Alternatively, you can scan the QR code for a quick and efficient download.
2) Make an account from within the app
3) Open the app up, sign in, and then set up your profile (icon in the top left hand corner). Click on the profile image and then you're into all the content!
4) After your trial period, you can continue to have access to this ever-growing database for just $8.99 USD per month and you can cancel at any time. iOS users can also subscribe via iTunes! Subscription price via iTunes as stated in the app store.
I want to use the app to develop a strong online community. Subscribers are strongly encouraged to email me (iain@iainabernethy.com) and let me know what topics they want to see explored in the app. I will then endeavour to address these requests in the weekly videos updates!
Go download the app, visit the sign up page to open your account, and then start exploring all the content! See you in the app soon!
All the best,
Applied Karate Cover

Content questions for subscribers:iain@iainabernethy.com

Technical questions for subscribers:app@iainabernethy.com

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